Catch The Latest Episodes Of Our Sister Shows Before Roadkill Episode 64 Comes To YouTube

If you hadn’t seen our release schedule for Roadkill episodes on YouTube, you might not know that the “Reviving the Rotsun” episode comes out this Friday, May 19. And in case you didn’t get the link to that YouTube schedule, here it is for the 30th time. To get you ready for some new Roadkill, how about we get you caught up on some episodes of Dirt Every Day, Engine Masters, House of Muscle, and Hot Rod Garage? Cool, we’ll leave them here so you can watch them all in one convenient place.

Dirt Every Day, Episode 63: Overlanding Minibike Mayhem

You love minibikes. We love minibikes. Dirt Every Day loves minibikes. Everybody loves minibikes. In this one, Fred Williams and David Chappelle modify some cheap, rad six-horsepower minibikes for a 20-mile off-road adventure. Fred also talked more about his dirt-hog on this free episode of Dirt Every Day Extra.

Engine Masters, Episode 20: Cooling Fan Shoot-Out

David Freiburger, Steve Dulcich, and Steve Brule put cooling fans to the test on the Westech Performance dyno. They throw four different 18-inch, six-blade fans on a Chevy 350 to see how each affects power output.

House of Muscle, Episode 5: Chevy-Swapped 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE

Mike Musto drives one of the coolest Ferraris you’ll ever see. After the car’s original 4.0-liter V12 was used as a donor, this Ferrari’s previous owner swapped in a Small-Block Chevy. It’s refined like a Ferrari and roars like an American icon. We think you’ll love this one; we did.

Hot Rod Garage, Episode 50: Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running!

Like it says, Tony and Lucky finish up their shop “truck.” We use quotes because this is a classic 1966 Ford F100 body draped over a modern Crown Victoria frame. The Crown Vic is, as you’d hope, not entirely stock and the HRG fellows have built themselves a fun little work toy.

Block out an hour and a bit for these; you won’t regret it. Be sure to subscribe to the MotorTend YouTube Channel so that you can watch Episode 64 of Roadkill right away on May 19 when it comes out.

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