Here’s one of Roadkill’s most renowned and yet least reliable rides. It breaks in every episode. Maybe that’s because it’s rusty like the Titanic and powered by a 300-plus-horsepower Chevy 4.3L V6 boosted by a Ford Powerstroke diesel turbocharger. One of Finnegan’s favorites and Freiburger’s least.

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6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Roadkill Episode 64: Rotsun Gets Ford Power

  1. At last… a happy ending… kinda… so far… and whatever qualifiers I can inject here. But it lives… and that’s the important part. This episode distills the essence of Roadkill. Only thing missing was an epic road trip. But this was… satisfying… to say the least. (gotta go; Freud is on the phone about my comments)

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  2. At first, I wasn’t looking forward to a V8 swap for the Rotsun. The V6, in my opinion, was what made the car so unique. I REALLY wanted to see that NASCAR V6 that Freiburger mentioned make a debut. But by the end of the episode, Freiburger and Fin’s reactions really sealed the deal. Watching the Rotsun be FAST for once (and not having a catastrophe outside of faulty door latches) was so worth it. Can’t wait for more.

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