This one’s a 1974 Jaguar (we say Jag-waar proudly) XJ12 powered by a small-block Chevy with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger. These days, it’s making 600 to 700 horsepower (depending on boost level), lots of tire smoke, and 12-second dragstrip passes. It’s Roadkill’s comfiest cruiser.

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6 thoughts on “Register HERE For Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags January 14, 2017 at Tucson Dragway

  1. hey I’m trying to register for the zip tie challenge but it’s not letting me, I’m filling out all fields and it’s saying that I need to fill everything out I’ve tried 5 times being even more careful every time to make sure it’s all filled out. I also want to know requirements to race my car in zip tie challenge I got car on a trade but the truck I traded I played $700 for with money put into that truck and money into car I’m still only at $1500.
    Car information:
    1996 dodge neon Soho c code
    I got car already mostly built so here is details
    car has a turbo from a 1989 Mitsubishi starion 2.6l turbo.
    the owner said car was stroked with forged pistons and steel crank.
    from the outside view you see an adjustable cam gear. that the injectors were upgraded that the motor is painted gold for some reason and the head black. (turbo is also painted gold) car has stage 2 clutch and has 4 inch exhaust with no cat or muffler from the turn I to the rear. the air filter hangs from the suspension bar with zip ties. the hole front bumper I put on car when I got it 3 months ago is still help on only by zip ties. (car has been to 120 with zip tied bumpper) my biggest question is car does not have a role cage or shoots, I don’t have slicks, and it only has the stock seat belts. has no air bags or abs. oh or is a 5 speed. what do I have to do to my car to race it. and why can’t I get registered.

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