Crop Duster

When the General Mayhem gave up its motorhome 440 engine, it wound up in Freiburger’s long-lost Duster during a one-week thrash in episode 40. Surprisingly, the low-compression big-block with a mish-mash of speed parts has run in the low 12s in the quarter mile.

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7 thoughts on “Fuel Injection Failure? Cut-n-Paste a Carburetor!

  1. That’s really unusual. I have to say that my mother had an ’89 Dynasty that had well over a quarter-million miles on it when she finally decided to retire the car. She flat out loved the thing. We only ever had problems with the transmission and the cassette deck. Luckily, the transmission always decided to pack it in within limping distance of home. Never on a trip did it decide to quit. But the fuel injection never once caused us any grief. I’ve even had a couple of Turbo 2.2’s and the EFI on them has never ever caused me any problems. Shame to hear the UPPR was having such issues with it.

    I never would’ve thought to put a carb on like that…. especially with RTV. Kudos for the effort!

    1. Funny, my mother had an 88, we had no problems with it in 12 years, though we had the v6/3spd combo that I think was unique to 88 (the first year). We sold it to a neighborhood kid in 2001, who promptly totaled a Taurus with it. The Dynasty lived on, albeit sans it’s crosshair grille and with a 5 degree bend in the frame that nobody but me could see just behind the front wheels.

  2. Recently, pretty sure I was the only one backing a guy on when he proposed ditching the EFI system and dropping back to a 2 BBL carb. My position is this…. all the sensors and crap are only going to be offered for so long. Maybe you can buy a few years moving to an HO from a 96 & up XJ or TJ to keep you going. But actually it’s the inventiveness that makes this automotive addiction fun.

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