Crop Duster

When the General Mayhem gave up its motorhome 440 engine, it wound up in Freiburger’s long-lost Duster during a one-week thrash in episode 40. Surprisingly, the low-compression big-block with a mish-mash of speed parts has run in the low 12s in the quarter mile.

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2 thoughts on “Roadkill Extras: Learn To Build Your First Engine With Freiburger & Dulcich

  1. I’m really lookin forward to this since I have to overhaul my first engine sometime next year.
    After ~25 years it still works fine but burns oil like mad, James Bond would be jealous about my smoke screen. 😉

    I hope I can learn a lot from Freiburger and Dulcich.

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  2. Just saw the extra on Prime. I’m currently rebuilding a LA 360 for my roadkill project – 1976 M880 (aka “Private Pile”). I got the engine out of a ’91 W250, so it has a roller cam. I plan to put a mild .480 lift 210/220 @50 cam in it, which is a bit less duration than the cam shown in the extra episode. When I was pulling the engine apart, I wasn’t paying too close attention to the stock cam and lifters. I’ve rebuilt engines before, but never with a roller cam. Before I actually pulled the lifters out, but already had the timing chain and gears off, I notices the the rollers on the lifters nowhere matched the area where the lobes on the cam were. I know you guys are covering the basics of building an engine, but I hope you also cover the installation and proper adjustment of a roller cam with the “cam button?), so those of us with roller cams ton’t mess up! Thanks!

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