‘Car Weak’ Lemons Rally: First Looks And How To Follow The Rally Virtually

The third-ever Lemons Rally starts next Tuesday. Since this not-very-humble 24 Hours of Lemons correspondent will be working on the Monterey Car Weeeeak Rally, I thought I’d share a few things to be excited about as well as some info on following this West Coast Lemons Rally.

Hopefully, you’ve read the FAQ we did last week, but here’s the even-shorter version: The Rally makes a loop from Seaside, California, near where all the hoity-toity car collectors show off their awful period-correct wardrobes to match their priceless automobiles and so forth. We’ll be there at the rally’s start and finish, bedecked in grease, road grime, and worse with rusty and otherwise clapped-out cars.

The route runs from Seaside and back via Crescent City (CA), Bremerton (WA), Bend (OR), and Santa Cruz (CA).



We’ve made this as simple as we can. You can follow all of the happenings on Instagram because that’s also how we’re going to tally up the scoring for the checkpoints along the route. You can follow what everyone is doing by following the Lemons Rally and the 24 Hours of Lemons on Instagram, primarily, with some updates on Facebook, as well.

You can then follow all of the checkpoints, misadventures, breakdowns, arrests (almost in real-time!), repairs, bizarre challenges, and more breakdowns (probably nervous ones) by searching Instagram for #LemonsRally. Just click here for all the goodness.

We should also have plenty of coverage right here on Roadkill.com with galleries, stories from the road, and more.



Sadly, the main Roadkill crew will be traveling after Roadkill Nights on Woodward and can’t make the rally. If you already clicked on the link above to search by #LemonsRally, you probably saw some of the great stuff already en route to the rally. You can, of course, find the entire entry list linked in the top-right corner of the Motorsports Reg page here.

For now, here are some pre-rally Instagram posts from competitors.

Looking the part. #lemonsrally #meyersmanx #aircooledlemonsrally

A post shared by Edward Cassidy Clark (@band_of_brothers_in_law) on

If you picked up the copy of Roadkill Magazine with the story from Roadkill’s trip on the Lemons Rally in February, you’ll know that Finnegan and Freiburger nearly bought a Meyers Manx Buggy. For a winter rally. That seems less than smart, but we’re more enthused to see the Ed Clark and his team will head out on the rally in a classic Beetle-based buggy.

Analog maps! #lemonsrally #aaa #alfaromeo #gtv6 #roadtrip

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The Lemons Rally routes tend to send competitors through areas with suspect cell coverage. That makes paper maps an invaluable tool and the Alfisti Al Forno team may need that to keep their saved-from-scrap Alfa Romeo GTV6 from getting lost in the Pacific Northwest.

Small repair and a good nights sleep at the Motel Safari. #autoricambi #lemonsrally #lemonsrally2017

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Speaking of Italian cars, this team started off from Texas in their Fiat Spider earlier this week. They’re following Route 66 to reach the rally’s start and making the most of whatever miles their finicky Fiat is willing to give them.

Several former rally competitors will be back on this one, as well. Jeff Stobbs and Kevin Schrage won the Retreat From Moscow Rally with a gigantic Cadillac Limo. This time around, the two guys—who each stand more than six feet tall—went to the opposite extreme. They will be crammed in this MG Midget that lacks any kind of convertible top. Gotta hand it to them: They have the masochism part of these rallies figure out.

#lemonsrally #deserttrooper So yeah we are going to drive this thing 2000 miles in a couple weeks.

A post shared by Mark Linder (@dieselsj) on

Mark Linder pulled this Isuzu Trooper from the desert in a condition that might even make Freiburger go, “Nah, too far gone.” Mark ran last year’s rally through Death Valley in an opened-top Jeep CJ5, so we think he’s got the right kind of grit to make this Trooper into, well, a trooper.

A later Ford Aerostar won the inaugural Hell on Wheels Rally in August 2016. This isn’t the winning van, but these 24 Hours of Lemons racers have put together a great “Vancia” Aerostar with proper “Tortellini” livery. What better way could you enjoy a rally than with friends and a lot of space?

You don’t need a total crapwagon to run the rally, of course. Chris Floren from Daily Turismo will be driving this fairly late-model Ford Crown Victoria. That’s a pretty plush ride for long distances, but…

The Lemons rally car makes for the perfect Bay Area commuter #lemonsrally #cadillac #classiccar

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…Christopher Blizzard’s 1968 Cadillac De Ville might take top honors for road-hogging ability. He and his wife Shona are taking this behemoth on an anniversary trip up the West Coast. What says romance like old-car smell, a couple thousand miles of open road, and a back seat measured in hectares?

Roadkill set precedence with the need for floaty late-1970s Lincolns, but we think the Mark Garf’s USS Linc-Ness Monster might be a strong contender for the Missing Linc in terms of comedically strange and huge presence. This Collector’s Edition 1979 Lincoln Mark V represents peak Malaise Era land yacht and, as we learned recently, is completely and totally ideal for long-distance travel.

Viva La France! This Citroen DS, the “Lemons Goddess,” has working French hydraulic suspension and some of the most amazing patina you will ever see. It’s probably too early to start thinking about frontrunners, but this has potential to score lots of points.

Of course, that makes up just 10 of the 50 cars registered for the Monterey Car Weeeeak edition of the Lemons Rally. Check back next week right here for more!

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