Bullet Proof Diesel Crush More Things With A Tank And Roadkill Is Getting A Turn

A few weeks ago, we showed you how Bullet Proof Diesel spends their Friday afternoons: Crushing things with their Chieftain tank. It started off as “We’re moving the tank anyway, so let’s put stuff in the way” and has morphed into “I hate this thing so let’s flatten it.” Well, not only has Bullet Proof been at it with three more episodes in the time, we’re also going to have some world-exclusive tank-crushing of our own. Roadkill sent  Eric Rood to Arizona to crush a few select things with the Chieftain on May 12.

As usual, Roadkill’s old friend at Bullet Proof, Jeff Dahlin, wants to hear your suggestions on items that need pulverizing. You can drop him a line (jeff@bulletproofdiesel.com) with your suggestions. If you need some inspiration, watch the latest round of videos that include a can of beets, a fire extinguisher, and a barrel-jump attempt among other things. If you’re wondering, this is the very tank that was featured in Episode 17 of Roadkill where Freiburger and Finnegan crush a Toyota Prius.

Check out Bullet Proof’s latest crushings here.

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