Bloodhound SSC Set For Runway Tests, Which Will Be Streamed Live

You likely don’t need to be told that 200 miles per hour is fast, so you might be surprised to hear the related phrases “200 mph” and “low-speed test.” But for the Bloodhound SSC—English land speed car,—upcoming airport runway tests at that speed will just shake down systems for the car’s planned land-speed attempt at 1,000 miles per hour.


After complete tests of the afterburner-equipped jet engines (from a Eurofighter Typhoon), the Bloodhound heads to Cornwall Airport Newquay on October 26 to shake down the steering, suspension, brakes, and data acquisition systems. Plans call for two 200 mph passes just 11 days after the 20th anniversary of Andy Green breaking the sound barrier on land with the Thrust SSC. And Green will later pilot the Bloodhound SSC in its attempts to reset the land-speed record.

The best part? You’ll be able to stream those first test passes live. We’ll have links to the streaming video when it comes time to send it down the runway at Cornwall. In the meantime, enjoy the fantastic racket served up by the first full-power afterburner tests of the Bloodhound’s jet engine.


Roadkill featured an introduction to the Bloodhound SSC last November that you should check out. You can learn more about the Bloodhound Project on the official website and more about the runway tests—including ticket opportunities if you can get to Cornwall—right here.

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