Behind The Scenes Of The 1969 Firebird Engine Rebuild In Roadkill Episode 68 (On YouTube Now)

Would you like a slideshow depicting the Roadkill hosts’ steady decline into madness? Gotcha covered, because we have lots of engine building and cleaning and crying-on photos from behind the scenes of Roadkill Episodes 67 and 68. Have you not seen those? Let’s fix that.

Alrighty then, much better. So now you remember how Finnegan bought a 1969 Firebird and he and Freiburger and Tony from HOT ROD Garage built it up to race the One Lap of America and then it broke pretty much right away and we had the honor of being pushed off track by Brock Yates Jr, himself.

000OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

The next three days were a blur of cleaning metal out of oil passages and thinking we had a good engine and realizing there was a problem and repeat.

085OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Tony spent a lot of time looking guilty. Things went boom on his watch.

010OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Freiburger spent a lot of time looking like he wished he’d never thought of Roadkill.

088OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Finnegan was pretty cheerful the whole time, considering he went through three different Pontiac engines in as many days.

068OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

We found a bug in the replacement engine. An actual bug.

076OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Daniel Boshears kept us moving when it seemed hopeless. Can’t remember exactly what was discovered here, but it was when we realized that we couldn’t use the block we’d just spent a whole evening cleaning.

061OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Ah yes, the point of the night when the fire came out. But didn’t work. The pin was sticky in the piston. We probably should have just run it.

071OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Checking pan capacity and marking the dipstick, only we might have forgot to mark the dipstick.

086OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Oh you beauty!

093OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

And the drive of joy. So much joy.

095OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

And breakfast.

098OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

A very slow roadtrip to the last racetrack, but at least we were rolling.

099OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

All the joy in the world, right here.

106OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Here’s the award we would have won if we’d brought the truck we were planning on originally, which would have been the only one in its class. Brock gave it to us anyway. The only way Roadkill wins anything is by not actually racing it.

109OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

We’d love to go back, think we should? With what car?

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