Behind the Scenes of Roadkill in September

You can look forward to boosted Monzas, FC Jeeps, welding, wrenching, zipties, rats, and roadtrips in upcoming videos and stories.

If you visit, watch all the MTOD videos, follow all the Roadkill social media accounts, and all the personal postings of Freiburger, Finnegan, Dulcich, and Elana (that’s me), then you are probably pretty caught up on what we’ve been up to for the last month. Just in case you missed something, or just want to see it again, here’s a quick run through of the past 30 days.


Roadkill Show

F&F pulled on the welding gloves and brought back the 1978 Monza from episode 16. This time, instead of supercharging it from the backseat, they decided to supercharge it from a trailer…pulling another engine. Did it work? Well enough to leave tire stripes. Can’t wait to see this in action.


Roadkill Garage

Freiburger has always wanted to take a Pontiac Bonneville to Bonneville, so that’s what he and Steve Dulcich did. They made it, although the great dry salt lake wasn’t so dry. Neither was the Pontiac’s radiator. Zip ties to the rescue. Do they make it home? We all must wait and see.


I have been all over the place gathering parts and pictures for Roadkill stories. The Meyers Manx build was on target when I picked up suspension parts and a transmission (which turned out to be for another Manx,  the guy helping with this has a whole Manx militia.) The VW place where the parts were was way the heck out in the California high desert, it was a pretty fun drive on the windy road in the ’78 Dodge dually. When the time came to assemble the new parts, it was discovered that rats had moved into the shop. Rats and cars don’t mix, and since the Manx collection shares a space with two real Cobras and a big block, 4-speed Chevelle, the owner got a bit distracted with un-ratting the place. Manx postponed.


To get my tiny car fix, Tom and I got to work on the Opel. The passenger window had been broken for three months, and I finally decided to fix it. Now that it’s up again, I might just never put it down again. No wonder F&F never even have windows in the Roadkill cars. We also put together a junkyard 440 for a friend. Busy in the garage!


To reward myself for putting weather stripping in the Opel (and to give my thumbs a chance to regrow skin) I took some roadtrips, nothing as glorious as HRG’s Bonneville trip, but I rove General Maintenance down to meet up with Don “the Snake” Prudhomme, who hadn’t ever driven a Hellcat. He approved. After that, I headed out to Malibu for a Jeep drive event. Off-roading the new Trail Hawk was so easy that I now foolishly think I’m a good off-road driver. Less easy was maneuvering the Jeep concept vehicle, a 1950’s FC150 on a more modern Wrangler chassis, down The Snake on Mulholland drive. Oh well, going super slow meant there was plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, and the adorable interior in the FC. Finished up the night with a movie premiere. Adam Carolla (yes, that one, the funny one) made a documentary about the Ford vs Ferrari rivalry in the mid ‘60s. It was good. Go see it. It’s called, “The 24 Hour War.” There’s lots of stuff catching fire and breaking in it. Very Roadkill.


The next day, some folks had come all the way from Georgia to pick up a truck we had on eBay. Not only did they live close to Finnegan, “We see his ’55 at shows all the time,” they said, but we’d met previously on the Power Tour. Small world when you are into late ‘60s big pickups. We loaded it on the trailer with a forklift. Then I walked around the block because I heard a lopey cam, and it looks like I have new neighbors. Spotted a Blazer, a Grand Wagoneer, and a shoebox Chevy. Good sign for times to come. Hopefully they are Roadkill fans.


I finished up the last weekend of September with a visit to Joe’s Minibike Reunion, and on the way home, swung by a friend’s house to see the super cool (and rare) 1971 Plymouth GTX 440+6 he picked up as a trade. Way too nice for Roadkill, but man, sure was pretty.


The Guys


Outside of filming, Finnegan has been working on a project of his own. He recently repurchased a 67 C10 that he built while working at Sport Truck Mag. “ I had sold it in ‘08 after building a tube chassis, air suspension, IRS, LS2 for it. I just bought it back less motor and trans.” Fin has also pulled the Blasphemi out a couple of times this summer for some quarter-mile runs.


What will come in October? You tell us!

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  1. Well hopefully I’ll see the Dodge here in Georgia. Excited about seeing those FC initials. Have been trying to get my own project further along. 360 has now been cranked and run. Factory 4bbl carb and manifold was scored ( for $30 ! ) and the frame is on stands and I am almost half way thru prep. The axle are prepped and the new install kits are on the way. I usually just spool up RK, DED or MTOD when I am out working in the garage ( in one of my FSM shirts!). Keep up the good work.

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