Behind The Scenes of Roadkill Episode 63: LeMons Rally In The Missing Linc

008-Behind the Scenes Roadkill Episode 63 Lemons Rally 1978 Lincoln

Not sure why we always feel the need to issue a spoiler warning on these. If you’re here or on our social media feeds, you already know what we’re doing every moment of every day, but just in case you’re touchy about these things, maybe don’t click through here if you haven’t seen the new episode, Roadkill Episode 63 (Live now on Motor Trend on Demand and coming to YouTube in 35 Days).

024-Behind the Scenes Roadkill Episode 63 Lemons Rally 1978 Lincoln

Alrighty then, if you’ve seen the episode you know that Freiburger and Fin went ahead and tried to enter an actual competition again, despite how well that’s gone for us in the past (Rotsun at LeMons and the Optima Invitational come to mind.) The attempt at winning wasn’t completely nonsensical though, since this time it was a LeMons Rally the guys tried to conquer, and really, who has better skills at roadside fixes and hilarious points-winning hoontivities than Roadkill? About 10 folks it turns out. We came in 11th. You can follow all that points stuff and see the other competitors in our LeMons Rally coverage, helpfully listed out below.

LeMons Early Birds

LeMons Day 1

LeMons Day 2

LeMons Fail of the Dragon

LeMons Day 3: The winners, not us.

087-Behind the Scenes Roadkill Episode 63 Lemons Rally 1978 Lincoln

All caught up? On to what you really want. Many and many and lots of photos of Missing Linc, the shortened, customized, stinking, moldy, magical 1978 Lincoln Continental that steals the show, even if other cars did do a better job of making the registration day. As you scroll through these photos, it’s important to get the full sensual experience of the Missing Linc, so we recommend gathering the following items and surrounding yourself with them as you view.

164-Behind the Scenes Roadkill Episode 63 Lemons Rally 1978 Lincoln

First, grow a mustache. Next, stop by a local thrift store, or better yet a low-buck gym, and pick up some sort of cloth that is both damp and old, and has possibly been in close contact with a butt. When you get home, make some waffles, and pack them and the butt-cloth closely around your chair. Turn the air-conditioning on as low as it will go, and if you’re really dedicated, hire a snow machine to blow on you. If you have a flatulent dog, see if you can get him or her to nap beneath your chair, and leave your car running next to an open window with good draw into your sitting area. You are now ready to experience the Missing Linc.

188-Behind the Scenes Roadkill Episode 63 Lemons Rally 1978 Lincoln

The full auction isn’t in the episode, but we showed it live on Roadkill’s Facebook page.

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