AMO International Convention: A Healthy Dose of Rambler, Ambassador, and Nash

We’ve already shared with you a great gallery of burly Javelins and AMX’s as well as some absolutely nuts AMC race cars and special-edition SC/Ramblers and Machines from the American Motors Owners Association (AMO) International Convention in Rockford, Illinois, but we’ve got something a bit different for you in this gallery. Without delving too deeply into the early history of American Motors, this is a taste of the pre-muscle AMC in all of its conservatively styled (for the time, anyway) glory.

AMCShow_Ramblers (35)

The Rambler nameplate bridged the gap from the 1950s merger of Nash and Hudson until the broad application of the AMC badge in 1967 and, to make a very long story short, the feature models for much of that time were the Rambler America and Rambler Classic. The Rambler was essentially a continuation of the Nash Rambler and Doug Englin’s gorgeous 1960 Rambler American Custom Wagon—which you might recognize from our oddball-make gallery—is a sterling example thereof. A Rambler executive special-ordered the car with hand-painted woodgrain and a host of extraordinarily rare options, including the pushrod six-cylinder engine found in the next year’s boxy Ramblers instead of 1960’s typical flathead six.

AMCShow_Ambassador_Rambler (28)

Rambler also included the bigger Ambassador as its flagship offering in 1958, a car that stayed in production through various designs that included a changover from the Rambler to the AMC badge in 1967. Among the stranger chapters is that of the 1969 Ambassador Limousine built by Armbruster-Stageway at huge cost as part of Trans World Leasing’s plan to build a fleet of AMC limos. As best as anyone’s figured out, this was the only one ever produced and in truly humble AMC owner fashion, AMO put it to use throughout the car show to shuttle people back and forth all day from the show grounds to the vendor area in style.


Check out the rest of the Ramblers and Ambassadors in this gallery alongside a Nash Lafayette and a Theodore Roosevelt Administration-era Rambler with tiller steering here on Roadkill and come back for some more great AMC content.

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