AMO International Convention: Get Your AMC Oddballs Here!

You’ve waited patiently through the photo galleries from the American Motors Owners Association (AMO) International Convention this year for the cars that, for better or worse have marked American Motors Corporation’s legacy as a manufacturer. At last, we have a gallery full of AMC Gremlins, Pacers, Matadors, and even a couple of Jeeps from the July 29 and 30 convention in Rockford, Illinois, for you patient souls. This oddball gallery has a bit of everything so click through it to enjoy some of AMC’s oddballs.

AMCShow_Gremlin (6)

AMC’s “Levi’s Edition” remains one of the more memorable characteristics of the 1970s Gremlins, Pacers, and Hornets. While there were several Levi’s cars around with the denim-looking-but-not-really-denim interior in mint condition, this unrestored 1978 Gremlin GT really caught our eye. The family who brought it out left their restored Gremlins—yes plural—at home to bring out this rough-round-the-edges GT with exaggerated fender flares that flow(-ish) into a front air dam. AMC built fewer than 3,000 of these final-year GTs with all of them getting the 258 cubic-inch inline six engine that would be part of the Jeep vocabulary for many years to come and we expect this one will be looking nicer next time we cross its path.

AMC_Show_Pacer (13)

On the opposite end of the spectrum was this 300,000-mile, one-owner AMC Pacer named “Zippy.” Zippy’s whole story is great (and you can read it here), but here’s the Cliff Notes version: Buddy Turner bought the car at a Georgia dealership in 1977 with the standard 232 cubic-inch inline six, a four-speed manual, and AMC’s Twin-Grip limited-slip differential so he could tow the Norton motorcycles that he raced. In addition to schlepping along his bikes, Turner daily-drove the car for a quarter-century, racking up 300,000 miles while keeping the entire car immaculate. Today, it looks as good as it would have on that Georgia dealership floor.

AMCshow_SwapMeet (10)

The AMO Convention also included a Swap Meet with vendors selling their collected wares from the defunct Kenosha manufacturer. New Old Stock (NOS) parts were still fairly rare from most vendors, but the huge variety of everything from badges to engines made it a veritable warehouse for AMC owners. We were particularly smitten with the Javelin Trans-Am game, though we didn’t cough up the cash for it.

AMCshow_Matador (30)

Check out the gallery below for more AMC oddball photos and be sure to check out our other AMC content from the AMO Convention.

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