All The Burnouts From Roadkill Nights 2016

“Burnouts on the street are for guys whose cars aren’t good at anything else,” Tom Bailey told us, and that’s probably true. It’s why Freiburger, Finnegan, and I like them so much. Still, it doesn’t really count if the street burnouts are right before street racing (legally, with permits), right? If you were airborne over Woodward Ave on Friday August 19th, you wouldn’t have seen anything except a very localized storm cloud. That was us doing burnouts. Sorry.

014-Burnouts Roadkill Nights Woodward 2016

It should come as no surprise that some of the biggest burnouts during Roadkill Nights on Woodward Ave came from the back tires of Dodge Hellcats, but there were some pretty respectable smoke clouds made by all makes and models. There were also some sort of weak wisps. Roadkillers, if we can see the front of your car during the burnout it’s not enough, and if we can see the back, you really aren’t trying.

058-Burnouts Roadkill Nights Woodward 2016

The worst burnout we saw wasn’t really a burnout, but more of a burndown. A Toyota Supra stayed on the limiter just a little too long in the staging lane. Boof! It made a lot of smoke, but wrong kind, dude, wrong kind.

060-Burnouts Roadkill Nights Woodward 2016

We’d have to say the best burnout we say all weekend wasn’t even on Roadkill’s drag strip. It was during the Woodward Dream Cruise the following day. In the slow moving traffic of rare, old, muscle cars and modern, American, dream machines, there was a kid in a Kia. Every time the lane moved forward, he did a burnout. It wasn’t a good burnout, really more of a peel-out, but he did lay some short elevenses. On about the 14th time, he got pulled over, by a cop in a Third-gen Camaro. It was pretty awesome, and about the most Detroit thing we’ve ever seen. He only got a warning, which was pretty awesome of the officer too.

081-Burnouts Roadkill Nights Woodward 2016

Look through the photos then go outside, stand on the brake and give it some gas until the world turns white and smells like burnt rubber.

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