A Close Up Of Finnegan’s Traxxas RC Blasphemi

001Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car

A couple of weeks ago, Fin posted a video of a low-angle launch of what appeared to be his Hemi-powered 1955 gasser, Blasphemi. Something seemed odd though, and it wasn’t just that the car went pretty straight. Wait a second, that’s a Blasphemi for ants! It’s wee! Yup, somehow Mike scored the dream of an RC version of his own car. How? Well, being friends with the guys from Traxxas helps. “We were talking at SEMA 2016,” said Traxxas rep, Duston Nixon. “Mike mentioned how much he liked the Traxxas RC cars and we mentioned what fans we were of Blasphemi and it went on from there.”


Where it went on to is a detailed replica of Blasphemi, right down to the stickers, the gold leaf, and the Plexi scoop. No Hemi though. While the premade Blasphemi isn’t available for purchase, Duston says you could make your own if desired. “The aftermarket body is the only thing that’s not ours. The car is based on a Traxxas Slash VXL OBA off road truck, and we raided our parts bins to come up with the right combo to get the look. These trucks are typically used for flying around off road tracks or skate parks, but a lot of people use them for speed builds too. The VXL brushless system is capable of 60+ mph out of the box with our 3s LiPo batteries. Mike’s car pulls wheelies on the lower voltage 2s setup.”

012Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car

Here’s a list of what was used (it uses parts from 4 different Traxxas vehicles total)
Tires & Wheels:
Traxxas Funny Car Slicks
Traxxas Bandit Dish front wheels with slick tires, painted and decaled to match (the funny car fronts weren’t tall enough to get the right proportions)
Front suspension:
Modified Jato 3.3 arms to widen the stance (these required the shock mounts to be relocated to the front of the arm vs. the Jato’s rear position)

008Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car
Rear suspension:
Bandit rear arms, driveshafts, and camber links to narrow the stance and tuck the slicks under the quarters

009Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car
Front bumper is a trimmed down Slash piece

005Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car
On-Board Audio (OBA) system – this system uses sounds recorded directly from Traxxas’ owner’s 900-horsepower Pro 4 Short Course truck and is mapped to the throttle to rev through the RPM range as it drives. This typically uses a dual speaker setup, but we went with a single speaker so it would stay better hidden under the back
Wheelie bar with ball bearing rubber tires

006Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car
The body itself was painted black on the inside (like a typical RC body), then a flattener was used on the outside to get the matte black finish. Custom decals were cut with gold and silver engine turned vinyl, and the real decals from the decklid were reproduced along with the license plate.

000Traxxas Blasphemi RC Car

Let’s see your RC cars!

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  1. I love it. I have built a few RC cars and trucks. Most of what I have now are the crawlers but I do have a short course trucks and some others as well.
    Right now I’m super slowly working on my drift car and the trailer for it. Also building a tow rig. But these fun things have been put on hold until the real vehicles are fixed.

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