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    @coppertopp - "Ok according to Face Book the next zip tie drag racing event will be in Illinois in September who is going and who wants to race me ive been upgrading over the last year and i think i can brake the 10 second mark"View
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    @Ridgerunner21 - "Got some good bling for the 3.8 come autocross season. Genuine 18×9 and 18×10 staggered Saleen Speedline LeMans wheels. They’ll be wrapped in Bridgestone RE71Rs for this season and sadly only be on the car for Autocross."View
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    @PJNadeau - "I think this site needs better moderation and a bit more structure. Having the groups setup more like a forum would help traffic and organize the thoughts, and posts of the members. Currently there is no […]"View
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    @TheDog - "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."View
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    @Frank84 - "Cool"View
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