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    @tarafied - "Am I the only one who finds this page very cumbersome?"View
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    @AlaskanRebel - "The Sinister Satellite has been a good daily driver this sumer. Too bad snow is right around the corner."View
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    @PapaFists - "Ziptie it back together!"View
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    @fegravel - "Well well well, here we are nearly a year after my original post on this platform. I’ve spent the summer fiddling on the Ford, starting with a simple tune-up, which ended up escalating into removing the whole […]"View
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    @Daly - "Started work a few weeks ago on upgrading the dash, I’m installing a set of SpeedHut gauges. Also relocating the battery to the trunk. I have to repair the gas tank vent line as well and I’ve been contemplating […]"View
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    @OneRattyGTS - "Fast forward 2 years. Still sun baked primer paint job. Boss 9 hood scoop. Fresh black interior (old interior was full of sand and critters). Original 400m blew out cylinder rings on first start up, 2nd junkyard […]"View
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