24 Hours of Lemons Adds Two Races and One Rally to 2018 Calendar

The 24 Hours of Lemons and Lemons Rally will give more chances for people to exercise poor judgment with three new events—two races and a rally—on the 2018 calendar. Those include the “Great Lakes Mistake” Rally on July 2-7, the “Smells Like AMC Spirit” race at Washington’s The Ridge Motorsports Park on October 13-14, and the “Get Your Phil 500” race (of course named for the beloved Judge Phil, a Denver resident) at Colorado’s High Plains Raceway on October 20-21.


The Great Lakes Mistake Rally begins in South Haven, Michigan, the day after The Cure for Gingervitis at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven. From there, the rally route will go all the way around the outside of the Great Lakes before ending back in South Haven. That route includes a substantial section in Canada with July 4 celebrations in Sault Ste. Marie on the Canadian side of the St. Mary’s River.


The new events bring Lemons’ total race count up to 25 (21 races, four rallies) for the year and the races add second dates to the existing ones at The Ridge (July 28-29) and at High Plains (June 9-10).

They also mark the first time Lemons will hold two races on the same weekend. The new Ridge race takes place the same weekend as “Where the Elite Meet to Cheat” at Gingerman Raceway while the High Plains race coincides with “Halloween Hooptiefest” at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.


You can get the full details and registration information for below:

Lemons Rally
July 2-7: Great Lakes Mistake Rally

24 Hours of Lemons Races
October 13-14: Smells Like AMC Spirit (The Ridge Motorsports Park)
October 20-21: Get Your Phil 500 (High Plains Raceway)

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