2018 Dodge Demon Will Breathe A Whole Lotta Cold Air

It’s Thursday, which means that Dodge is dropping another clue about the forthcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that will be revealed just ahead of the New York International Auto Show in April. This is Tease #5 and this one comes with a couple of rather revealing photos about the Dodge Demon. To get as much cool air into the healthy supercharged HEMI under the hood, the new Demon will get a miles-wide Air Grabber hood scoop with a sealed air box and not one, but two Air Catcher headlamps to increase the cold-air flow.

Dodge says the multiple entries for cold air—the hood scoop’s entrance alone measures 45 square inches, the largest-ever production scoop—should help feed the healthy supercharged HEMI (one of the revealed details, as if we hadn’t already guessed that part) enough air to make big power while also dropping the air inlet temperature by as much as 30 degrees. Cooler air means denser air, which means more horsepower, if we can follow the transitive property well enough. How much more horsepower? Since we haven’t heard exactly what engine is under the hood, we don’t have any numbers yet, but if the Demon is starting with a Hellcat engine, we can guess it will have more than 707 horsepower. Does that supercharger look bigger? Damn that short depth of field.

This little tease comes after the first four nuggets of Demon information: (1) Dodge was bringing back the Demon nameplate, (2) SRT knocked 200 pounds off the Challenger’s curb weight, (3) the Demon comes on big Nitto drag tires, and (4) there’s a special box of goodies that come with the Demon. You can view all of the Demon information at

With less weight, more tires, and (ostensibly) more horsepower, we expect this sucker will run some mind-boggling quarter-mile times. What kind of times do you think we’re likely to see from the Demon?

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