2018 Dodge Demon Update: Nitto Drag Radials!

Demon Torture, that’s a thing right? Dodge has been trickling information to us on the new Dodge Challenger Demon like we’re stuck in a hospital bed on the world’s longest morphine drip. We’re in pain, guys, give us more! Their latest fact-drop, however, is worth the wait. The 2018 Dodge Demon Hellcat Challenger will come on special Demon-branded Nitto NT05R drag radials. That’s a first for a production car and the huge 315/40R18 will run a new compound and construction designed to work specifically with the Demon. Those grippy tires will sit on lightweight 18”x11” wheels, the fitting of which required fender flares that add 3-½ inches of width.


With less weight and factory-installed drag radials, we hope to see some mind-bending quarter-mile times for cars straight from the showroom. If the tires are indeed designed specifically for the Demon, it shouldn’t have problems hooking that much rubber. We obviously don’t know what the engine will be, but if there’s, say, more than 700 horsepower under the hood, this Demon just might move the production-car goalposts, at least for what we’d guess will be the price. Hmm…we’ve heard this before from Dodge, haven’t we?

The tire facts come as the third of 12 parts leading up the Demon’s reveal at the New York International Auto Show in April. The first part revealed the logo and name, which bring back the 1970s Dodge nameplate. They followed that up with the announcement that the Demon will weigh 200 pounds less than the regular Challenger.

So what will we learn about the Demon next week? We’d love to be in the know, but we don’t have any special information. You can learn everything that we know by visiting IfYouKnowYouKnow.com, where you can watch the previous two teaser videos and keep up on the Demon information.


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One thought on “2018 Dodge Demon Update: Nitto Drag Radials!

  1. I was excited for the Demon until it became clear that it’s just another variant of the same old car with more power, slicks, and a nostalgic nameplate meant to maintain waining attention on a design that is 9 years old and wasn’t really that exciting when it was introduced.

    Come on Dodge – freshen the Challenger design, THEN you’ll have my attention again.

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