2018 Dodge Demon: Exhaust Note And A Drag-Style Launch Controller

Another Thursday has snuck up on us and that means it’s time again for another 2018 Dodge Demon teaser. This week, Dodge gives us the cryptically titled “No Pills” teaser. Forget the name for a second; the big news is that Dodge has released the Demon’s exhaust note along with information about the first-ever drag-designed launch controller for a production car.

Dodge calls it an “advanced torque reserve launch system” that kicks in “when Launch Mode is active and engine RPM” is greater than 1,000. This closes the blower’s bypass valve to “prefill” the supercharger and also manages fuel flow and ignition timing to build boost before leaving the starting line. That sounds an awful lot like a two-step rev limiter. (Here’s Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained talking about two-step limiters.)

Dodge goes on with that hint: “This week’s release couldn’t be more fitting of Dodge’s ‘If you know, you know’ tagline, because ‘if you know’ you will hear extreme performance, but those who don’t will think something is wrong with the engine.” We think that will probably be the sound of the engine bouncing against the lower limiter of the two-step limiter. Coming back to the name, “pill” probably refers to add-on ECU modules where you could adjust the launch step of the rev limiter by plugging in pill-shaped pins. Most of this tuning is done these days using aftermarket controllers all through ECU tuning, but a drag-style ECU two-step would be a first on a car you can buy from a dealership.

As usual, there’s a numerical Easter egg in the released photo. What do you make of “3.9 + 221 = 405?” 

Get more of the Demon story on www.IfYouKnowYouKnow.com. The Demon breaks cover April 11 just ahead of the New York International Auto Show with three more teases between now and then. We’ll be back next week for more clues.

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