2017 Dodge Demon: Performance Pages Put Tuning Power At Your Fingertips

It’s Thursday, that special day when Dodge teases us with another cryptic Dodge Demon video. This week, Dodge is touting SRT Performance Pages, a real-time in-car data center that logs crucial information to get the most out of the drag-ready Demon. Want to know how much horsepower and torque the car made on its last quarter-mile pull? Just check the screen and you’ll also find that and more tools to get you through the top end even quicker.

We’re pretty eager to test out the touch-screen system that includes a selectable line-lock, RPM-adjustable launch control, and shift lights that can be adjusted for each gear. [Dear Dodge, please let us borrow a Demon soon. We’ve occasionally been not terrible behaved and maybe won’t break it.] How many gears is that? Well, we don’t know because Dodge hasn’t told us much about the transmission yet.

The Performance Pages also let you pick from three drive modes: Auto (Street) Mode, Drag Mode, and Custom Mode. Both Auto and Drag modes have selectable levels of engine performance, while the Auto has three levels each of suspension and steering feel to Drag Mode’s one (probably “Berserker”). Custom lets you tailor all of that to suit your needs.

[Have we said, “Dodge, let us borrow this at track for a day yet?” Because we’d like that very much.]

Other cool Demon features we want to test: Set timers to log your reaction times, as well as 0-60, 0-100, eighth-mile, and quarter-mile times. Log G-force measurements. Gawk at all the digital gauge readouts for things like air-fuel ratio, boost pressure, and intercooler temperature. Go back and look at the data logs for all those from passes. We like toys, especially ones that can make us faster.

Naturally, Dodge has been teasing us all along with numbers hidden in plain sight so we’re inclined to think there’s something significant about the “7:57” displayed in the page, especially since that same number came up in the serial number in an earlier teaser. Horsepower number? That would be sorta weak. Elapsed Time? That would be unreasonably awesome. Quarter-mile speed equal to the takeoff speed of a Boeing 757-200 (about 172 mph)? OK, it’s probably not that. What do you think it means?

Each Demon Crate is personalized for its owner with a serialized name plate.
Each Demon Crate is personalized for its owner with a serialized name plate.

Get caught up on all the SRT Demon information on For now, here’s this week’s video. Maybe there’s brief look at the quarter-mile in there that would suggest the Demon’s going to really haul through 1,320 feet. Did you catch that number? If the car runs 139 mph in the quarter (which maybe?) and weighs 4300 pounds (which maybe?) then we’re probably looking at about 900 horsepower. But we still don’t know what the 757 is.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see
    757 horsepower out of the Demon. It may be slightly disappointing, but FCA will probably put tons of emphasis on all of the new technologies they’ve been teasing to make up for it.

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