1972 Dodge Challenger 4×4: Roadkill Dream Machine?

We hope our own Dirt Track Challenger won’t get jealous about this, but we are not-so-secretly in love with this off-roading ‘72 Challenger 4×4. It’s up for sale on San Francisco CraigsList for $27,500. That seems like a lot, maybe, for a “TRAR,” but this one has been built way better than anything we could come up with.


What’s so great about it? For starters, it’s built on a proper off-roading chassis. The seller may not have built this, but he knows the full details on it. The builders draped this Challenger onto the chassis of an M1009 CUCV, which was basically the military version of a K5 Chevy Blazer. It has a matching Chevy 5.7-liter (350 cubic-inch) V8 with a few bolt-on speed parts.


[Basic Tech Tip: You can recognize Gen I and Gen II Small-Block Chevy V8s from the middle two exhaust ports, which are adjacent. That means the middle two pipes in the headers or exhaust manifolds are close together. See above. Modern LS-style engines have equally spaced exhaust ports.]


So yeah, it’s a Challenger in appearance only, but who cares? Just look at all that awesomeness sitting there! We like Jeeps and rock-crawling S10s just fine, mind you, but we’re bigger fans of heading off the beaten path with, say, a Challenger, a motorhome-swapped Charger, or an AMC Hornet.


This one is right in our wheelhouse so we know it’s right in yours, too. You can find the CraigsList post right here on SF CraigsList and there’s some short video of it at Hollister Hills, too. Sounds pretty dang decent, if you ask us.

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